Published: 2020-12-30 08:00:00 CET
INVL Baltic Real Estate
Notification on material event

The term for the registration of the Articles of Association of INVL Baltic Real Estate is renewed

INVL Baltic Real Estate (hereinafter – „the Company“) informs that on 30 December 2020 the decision of the Vilnius City District Court has entered into force, by which the Court complied with the Company's request to renew the term for registration of the Company's Articles of Association.

Due to quarantine announced during the spring in the country and the incompletely harmonized provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the Law on Collective Investment Undertakings of the Republic of Lithuania, under which the buy-back of the Company‘s shares process was carried out (which lasted until 9 November 2020), the Company is considered to have missed the 6-month term to submit to the Register of Legal Entities the new wording of the Company's Articles of Association, approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders on 9 April 2020. Therefore, the Company has submitted the application to the court with a request to renew the missed term. For further information about 9 April 2020 General Ordinary Shareholders Meeting:

The Vilnius City District Court has renewed the missed 6-month term, therefore the Company in the near future will apply to a notary and to the State Enterprise Center of Registers for approval and registration of the new wording of the Company's Articles of Association.

The person authorized to provide additional information:
Real Estate Fund Manager of Management Company
Vytautas Bakšinskas