Published: 2020-11-30 08:41:50 CET
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Preliminary financial data of Ignitis Group for 10 months of 2020

Preliminary financial data of Ignitis Group (hereinafter – the Group) for 10 months of 2020:

RevenueEUR 93.4 millionEUR 87.0 million7.4 %
Adjusted EBITDA*EUR 25.8 millionEUR 23.9 million7.9 %
 January - October
RevenueEUR 967.5 millionEUR 889.6 million8.8 %
Adjusted EBITDA*EUR 225.1 millionEUR 211.7 million6.3 %

In January – October 2020, the Group generated revenue of EUR 967.5 million, which is 8.8 % more compared to a respective period of 2019 (EUR 889.6 million). The Group's revenue mainly increased as a result of higher revenue of the networks segment due to price of power distribution service, which is comprised of power transmission, distribution and public service obligations (PSO) components.

The adjusted EBITDA indicator of the Group in January – October 2020 was equal to EUR 225.1 million, i.e. 6.3 % more compared to a respective period of 2019 (EUR 211.7 million). The increase was driven by better result of networks segment due to growing value of regulated assets as a result of investments in the renewal of distribution networks, better result of CCGT unit in Elektrėnai complex of flexible generation segment and efficient use of Kruonis PSHP of green generation segment.

*The Company’s preliminary (2020) and actual (2019) result of adjusted EBITDA is presented after the adjustments made by the management by eliminating the impact of one-off factors. These adjustments are intended to disclose the results of the Company’s operating activity without taking into consideration atypical, one-off factors or factors that have no direct relation with the current period of operations. All adjustments made by the management are disclosed in the Company’s interim and annual reports.

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