Published: 2020-11-25 14:17:31 CET
Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca
Inside information

On the mandatory share repurchase offer

Financial and Capital Market Commission on November 11, 2020 informed about the decision to allow AS "Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca" shareholder SIA "Namejs 1", reg. No. 40003495045, to announce the mandatory takeover bid of AS "Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca" shares, approving the share repurchase price of EUR 0.27 (twenty seven cents) per share of the AS "Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca".

            The announcement of the mandatory share repurchase offer was published in the official journal “Latvijas Vēstnesis” on November 19, 2020.

            The Board of AS "Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca" has evaluated the mandatory share repurchase offer of the SIA "NAMEJS 1" and concluded that it complies with the requirements of regulatory enactments.

            Taking into account the fact that the Offeror intends to continue the commercial activities of the AS "Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca", the Board considers that the implementation of the Offer is not related to change of business principles and suspension or termination of the main industry - jewelry production, jewelry wholesale and retail.

            The employees of the AS "Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca" will keep their jobs in accordance with the concluded agreements. Thus, employment in the AS "Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca" will not be affected, as well as the location of business will not be changed.

The closing of the share repurchase offer will be followed by the exclusion of the shares from the regulated market.


Chairman of the Board
Vladimirs Cadovičs