Published: 2020-09-30 09:30:00 CEST
Ignitis grupė
Notification on material event

AB Ignitis grupė announcement on pricing guidance

AB Ignitis Grupė, (hereinafter – Ignitis grupė or the “Company”) identification code 301844044, registered office placed at Žvejų str. 14, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania. The total nominal value of issued bonds 900 000 000 EUR; ISIN codes XS1646530565; XS1853999313; XS2177349912.

On 21 September 2020 the Company announced that from 21 September 2020 until 1 October 2020 the offering (the “IPO” or the “Offering”) of Ignitis grupė ordinary shares (the “Shares”) and global depository receipts representing the Shares (the “GDRs”, and together with the Shares, the “Offer Securities”) will take place. During the Offering the Shares and GDRs will be offered to institutional investors and retail investors in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The price range for the offer announced is between €22.50 – €28.00 per Share and per GDR. More information – in the notification on material event (link).

Today Ignitis grupė announces further guidance on pricing being towards €22.50 per Share and  €22.50 per GDR.

This guidance does not determine the final Offer price. Retail investors, as previously, submit their orders at a maximum price of €28.00 per Share. Final Offer price, in respect with the prospectus, will be determined following a book-building process which commenced at from 12.00 noon on 21 September 2020 to 1.00 p.m. (EEST) on 1 October 2020 for retail investors and from 21 September 2020 to 2.00 p.m. (EEST) on 1 October 2020 for institutional investors.

Important to note, that such pricing guidance, as well as previously distributed message on the books being oversubscribed, are in line with the capital market practice.

For more information please see the attached announcement.


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