Published: 2020-07-30 12:36:46 CEST
Ignitis grupė
Notification on material event

Selection for vacant positions of independent members of the Supervisory Board of AB Ignitis grupė is announced

AB Ignitis Grupė, (hereinafter – the Company) identification code 301844044, registered office placed at Žvejų str. 14, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania. The total nominal value of issued bonds 900 000 000 EUR; ISIN codes XS1646530565; XS1853999313; XS2177349912.

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, the authority implementing the rights of the sole shareholder of the Company (hereinafter - Ministry of Finance) announced the selection of two independent members to the Supervisory Board of the Company.

The selection is being announced for two vacant positions of independent members of the Supervisory Board.

The Company reminds that on the 8th of April 2020 amendment of  the Articles of Association, which establishes that Supervisory Board of the Company is composed not from 5, but from 7 members (2 representatives of shareholder and 5 independent members), were registered in the Register of Legal Entities and entered into force. The Articles of Association of the Company were amended by the decision of the Ministry of Finance on the 26th of March 2020 (link). 

 This change was implemented taking into account the good governance practices of foreign countries and practices related to the formation of collegial bodies. In respect of it, the collegial bodies of companies (groups of companies) should be composed of members with diverse competencies and the collegial body should consist of a sufficient number of persons in order to ensure the complete competencies that are required in the scope of activity of the company.

The notice regarding the selection of candidates for independent Supervisory Board members is announced on the Company’s website:

The Company will inform about its further actions in the manner set forth by laws.

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