Published: 2020-07-13 15:56:29 CEST
Notice to general meeting

Draft Decisions of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of JSC VEF to be held of 27 July , 2020

Draft decisions and voting form of joint stock company “VEF” Annual General Meeting of shareholders   

Management Board of joint stock company “VEF”, registration number: 40003001328, legal address:   214 Brivibas gatve,

Riga, LV-1039, Latvia (hereafter – the Company), considering the Covid-19 pandemic,  with the aim to preserve health of shareholders, the Company’s employees as well as public in general,  encourages all shareholders to participate in the

meeting in a written  mode prior to the shareholders  meeting by filling in voting form which is attached to this notification

as well as available on website  of the central storage of regulated information - and website of joint stock company “Nasdaq Riga” - not later than on July 13, 2020.  

We kindly ask completed voting form and send: - electronically signed with the electronic signature to the Company's e-mail address; or - in paper form signed to the postal address of the company: 214 Brivibas gatve, Riga, LV-1039. 

In this case, the voting form should be notarized or with the attached shareholder’s contact information  (telephone number and

email addresses) in order to let the Company's Management Board to identify the  shareholder. A shareholder who has voted

prior to the shareholders meeting may request the Company to confirm receipt  of the voting form. The Company shall send the shareholder confirmation without delay after receiving the  shareholder's voting form.

The Voting will take into account all duly completed votes received by the Company till July 26, 2020.  

Attachment : 1) Draft Decisions of General Meeting of Shareholders of JSC VEF to be held of 27 July,2020.    

                      2) Voting form .            

                     3) JSC VEF Remuneration Policy for the Management Board and Supervisory Council.      

                     4) Report of the Supervisory Coucil JSC VEF to Annual Shareholders Meeting to be held  of 27 July,2020.       

  The Management Board of JSC “VEF”  

VEF_balsosanas _veidlapa_EN.pdf