Published: 2020-06-19 13:56:40 CEST
Tallinna Sadam
Company Announcement

Summary of Tallinna Sadam webinar

On 19 June 2020, Tallinna Sadam held a webinar where Chairman of the Supervisory Board Aare Tark, Chairman of the Management Board Valdo Kalm and Chairman of the Nomination Committee Veiko Tali presented the content of draft resolutions and answered questions before the voting period. In addition, the voting process and possibilities were explained.

Tallinna Sadam would like to thank all participants. The recording of the webinar can be followed up here. Voting of shareholders' resolutions will take place in the voting period 22.06-29.06.2020, the list of shareholders entitled to vote will be fixed on 19.06.2020 as of the end of the business day of the Nasdaq CSD settlement system. Presentations of the webinar in Estonian, voting ballot and other materials of the general meeting can be found on the website of Tallinna Sadam:

Marju Zirel
Head of Investor Relations
AS Tallinna Sadam