Published: 2020-05-05 11:10:00 CEST
Ignitis gamyba
Notification on material event

The Bank of Lithuania approved the price at which Ignitis Grupė will offer the buy-out of Ignitis Gamyba shares

AB “Ignitis gamyba” (hereinafter referred to as GEN) company code 302648707, registered office at Elektrinės st. 21, Elektrėnai. The total number of registered ordinary shares issued by the Company is 648 002 629; ISIN code LT0000128571.

Ignitis Grupė informs that on 4 May 2020 the Bank of Lithuania (hereinafter – the Bank) approved the price at which Ignitis Grupė will purchase the shares of the subsidiary Ignitis Gamyba, AB (hereinafter - GEN) at the time of the mandatory share buy-out.

The Bank approved the same price for the mandatory share buy-out that was paid during the tender offers. During the mandatory share buy-out EUR 0.640 will be paid for one share of GEN.

The buy-out of GEN shares will last for 90 days. GEN and Ignitis Grupė will announce its launch in separate announcements via the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, GEN and Ignitis Grupė's websites, and the media, and each shareholder will be notified by registered mail as required by the Law on Securities.

It should be noted that after the expiry of the 90-day mandatory share buy-out, Ignitis Grupė, by having made payments to the deposit account of the shareholders who did not sell the shares, will acquire the right to apply to the court for transfer of ownership of the unsold shares to Ignitis Grupė.

Relevant information on share buy-out is published at

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