Published: 2020-04-27 15:27:15 CEST
Annual Financial Report

JSC VEF 2019 audited finacial statements

Net turnover of the Company during the reported period has reached EUR 1 190 963. 

Despite the 5% decrease of net turnover during the reported period the Company’s Board 

has performed cost saving activities and as the result the Company concluded the year 

with the audited profit of EUR 122 296. The Company’s Board proposes to leave the reported 

annual profit undivided in order to cover losses from previous years.   


The Management Board of JSC VEF  

Additional information:

Tamara Kampane, Member of Management Board, JSC VEF,




Auditors report JSC VEF 2019.pdf
VEF _CG_zinojums_EN_2019.pdf
JSC VEF 2019 audited financial statements.pdf