Published: 2020-04-02 16:30:00 CEST
Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius AB
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The start of the official tender offer for shares of ESO

The international energy company Ignitis Group is starting a buy-out of shares of the company’s subsidiary Energijos skirstymo operatorius (ESO). 

Ignitis Group begins the official tender offer for the shares of the subsidiary on 3 April, Friday. The period of the official tender offer during which the shares will be available for sale, will last for 20 days until 22 April (inclusive). The price paid for one share of ESO is 0.880 EUR. The official tender offer will be implemented through Nasdaq Vilnius together with SEB bank. 

If minority shareholders will face difficulties in selling their shares to the Ignitis Group due to the imposed quarantine in the country, the company may evaluate the need to extend the term of the official tender offers. 

Additional benefits for those who sell the shares 

Those minority shareholders who had shares of ESO as of 17 March 2020, and will sell them to Ignitis Group until 22 April 2020, when approved by the Bank of Lithuania, will have a pre-emptive right to acquire shares of Ignitis Group during the initial public offering. 

The Board of ESO also made decision to offer shareholders a dividend of 0.076 EUR per share, respectively. If during general shareholders’ meeting of the company which will be held on 30 April 2020 these resolution are adopted, those shareholders who sold their shares to Ignitis Group at the time of the official tender offer, i.e. untill the rights accounting day, will get an additional bonus equal to the amount of dividends. 

How to sell shares? 

Shareholders with a personal securities account should submit an order to the bank or the financial brokerage company where the account is held, to sell owned shares to Ignitis Group until 22 April 2020 (inclusive). 

If a shareholder does not have a personal securities account, he or she can open one in any bank or brokerage company. There, shareholders will be able to submit an application for the transfer of their shares from SEB bank, which acts as the accounting manager of the share issuer of ESO, to personal account and submit an order to sell their shares.

Information on the number of owned shares of ESO may be provided by a bank or financial brokerage company where shareholders have a securities account. Those who do not have a personal securities account should contact SEB bank, the issuer's accounting manager, by telephone (8 5) 268 2800 or by other contacts which you can find on the website

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