Published: 2020-03-30 08:30:00 CEST
INVL Baltic Real Estate
General meeting of shareholders

Regarding the General Shareholders Meeting of INVL Baltic Real Estate during the quarantine declared by the Lithuanian government

The special closed-end real estate investment company INVL Baltic Real Estate (which hereinafter may be referred to as the Company) announced on 18 March 2020 about convocation a General Meeting of the Company’s shareholders to be held on 9 April 2020 at the address Gyneju St. 14 in Vilnius.

The announcement regarding the convocation of a General Shareholders Meeting on 9 April 2020 with its agenda and draft resolutions:

The Government of the Republic of Lithuania having extended, by resolution No. 264 of 25 March 2020, enforcement of a quarantine in the Republic of Lithuania until midnight on 13 April 2020, the Company gives notice that the meeting of the Company’s shareholders will take place on 9 April 2020, but shareholders of the Company are strongly urged to use the right to vote on the issues in the agenda of the general shareholders meeting by submitting properly completed general voting bulletins to the Company in advance.


Alternative No. 1:

A shareholder or person authorised by them should complete and sign a written voting bulletin and send it to the Company by e-mail ( and send the original bulletin by registered or ordinary post to the address Gynėjų St. 14, LT-01109 Vilnius. Properly completed written voting bulletins may be sent by registered or ordinary post to the address Gynėjų St. 14, LT-01109 Vilnius without submitting a copy to the e-mail address specified. Along with a bulletin, a document confirming the right to vote must also be sent. Those voting bulletins shall be deemed valid which are properly completed and are received before the start of the general shareholders meeting.


Alternative No. 2:

A shareholder or person authorised by them should complete a written voting bulletin, save it on their computer and sign it with a qualified electronic signature. Send the written voting bulletin which is properly completed and signed with a qualified electronic signature to the Company by e-mail at

The Company suggests using the following free qualified electronic signature systems: Dokobit and GoSign.


Alternative No. 3:

If shareholders of the Company do not have the possibility to use voting alternatives No. 1 or No. 2, the Company will provide conditions for the shareholders or persons duly authorised by them to come on 9 April 2020 to the address Gyneju St. 14 in Vilnius, to the Company’s General Shareholders Meeting. Note that the Company’s shareholders meeting will start at 9:00 a.m. (registration starts at 8:30 a.m.).

We stress that during the quarantine, safety recommendations must be followed regarding the use of safety measures and maintaining distance.


More information about shareholders’ rights and duties is provided in the announcement about the convocation of the 9 April 2020 general shareholders meeting:

Person authorized to provide additional information:
         Real Estate Fund Manager of the Management Company
         Vytautas Bakšinskas


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