Published: 2020-03-24 09:16:51 CET
Company Announcement

AS PRFoods will hold an investor webinar

AS PRFoods (hereinafter „PRFoods“) invites investors, analysts and other interested parties to join its investor webinar, which will be held on 25 March 2020, starting at 11:00 (Estonian time, GMT+2). The webinar will be held in Estonian language.

The webinar will be hosted by PRFoods’ CEO, Indrek Kasela, who will present the company’s recent financial results, strategic objectives, the impacts of the corona virus and the public offering of the PRFoods 22.01.2025 notes. All attendees can ask questions during the webinar. All questions will be answered after the presentation.

Registration process

To follow the webinar, you will need a computer with an internet connection and a speaker or headphones. To join the webinar, you need to register in advance via following link:

Persons who have registered for the webinar will be provided with the webinar link and instructions to join webinar. When joining the webinar for the first time, you will be asked to download the relevant application on your computer. In case downloading the application is not successful, a web browser will automatically launch, with which the webinar can be listened to.

Registered participants will receive a reminder e-mail one hour prior to the webinar. The webinar will be recorded and available online for everyone on the webpage of PRFoods at and Nasdaq Baltic’s account on

What is an investor webinar?

An investor webinar is a virtual conference, during which a company’s representative provides information about the company, its activities and future plans. A webinar provides an opportunity to receive information directly from the company while being located anywhere, as well as ask questions directly from the company’s managers.

Important information:

This announcement is not to be construed as an offer or solicitation for the purchase of any securities of PRFoods (bonds nor shares), nor shall the sale or offer of any securities take place in any jurisdiction where such offer, invitation or sale would be unlawful without the exception or qualification of law, prior to the registration of the prospectus.

The information contained in this notice is not intended to be published, distributed or transmitted, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, in the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, or in any other country or circumstance where publication, sharing or transmission would be unlawful.

The prospectus relating to the ongoing public offering of notes of PRFoods and its supplement have been published and are available on the webpages of PRFoods and the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority and Before making an investment decision, please read the above referred prospectus and the supplements relating thereto and, if necessary, consult a person specialising in advising on such investments. Notes of PRFoods are expected to be publicly offered only in Estonia.

Additional information:

Indrek Kasela
AS PRFoods
Member of the management board
+372 452 1470