Published: 2020-03-19 08:55:00 CET
Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius AB
Notification on material event

Court approved waiver of claims of minority shareholders of AB Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius

Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius AB (hereinafter – ESO or the Company), identification code 304151376, registered office located at Aguonų g. 24, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania. The total number of registered ordinary shares issued by the Company is 894 630 333; ISIN code LT0000130023. 

The Company informs, that on 18 March 2020 District Court of Vilnius City passed resolution approving waiver of claims of minority shareholders of ESO (hereinafter – the Shareholders) and terminating civil case. 

It was announced in the Company’s notification on material event on 17 March 2020 (link), that the minority shareholders filed waiver for court to deny lawsuit asking to suspend the resolutions of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders regarding delisting the shares of ESO. It was done after Ignitis Group reached a settlement agreement with the Investors' Association representing the minority shareholders. 

The resolution of the court will come into effect within 7 calendar days. At the same time the temporary protection measures which were applied by the court will be removed. 

After removing the temporary protection measures, the implementation of resolutions which were adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 4 December 2019 regarding delisting shares of ESO will continue – Ignitis Group will submit the circulars of the voluntary tender offers regarding shares of ESO.


Representative for Public Relations: Tomas Kavaliauskas,, tel. +370 61751616.