Published: 2020-03-18 08:00:00 CET
Vilniaus Baldai
Notification on material event

Due to the potential impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the activities of AB Vilniaus baldai

In the light of the worldwide announcement of the new coronavirus pandemic and the stringent state-imposed measures to stop further spread of the virus, we are reporting on the impact of the current situation on the activities of AB Vilniaus baldai.

Currently, the company is continuing its planned work and production, further planning will depend on the volume of orders of our main client. We continue to work in accordance with the rules and recommendations issued by the official authorities – this way we aim to ensure maximum safety of our employees.

The information available to us and announced publicly indicates that the decision of many European countries to close a large number of stores affects the stores of our main client as well. We evaluate this as a risk that could affect the company’s sales in the short-term.

Due to the prevailing uncertainty, it is currently not possible to assess the impact of the current situation on the company’s annual financial results. In the event of further details or changes in the situation, we will issue a separate notice.

Additional information:
Chief Financial Officer
Edgaras Kabečius
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