Published: 2020-03-02 09:41:13 CET
Investor News

Turnover of Apranga Group in February 2020

The retail turnover (including VAT) of Apranga Group amounted to EUR 17.3 million in February 2020 and increased by 14.2% compared to February 2019.

In January through February 2020, the retail turnover of Apranga Group (including VAT) totalled EUR 37.2 million and increased by 15.9% year-to-year.

In January-February 2020, the retail turnover of Apranga Group in Lithuania increased by 13.4% year-to-year, in Latvia increased by 26.2% and in Estonia increased by 11.7%.

Currently Apranga Group operates the chain of 184 stores covering the gross area of 93.0 thousand sq. m., or by 13.2% more than a year ago.

Rimantas Perveneckas
Apranga Group General Director
+370 5 2390801