Published: 2020-02-28 10:00:00 CET
Rīgas elektromašīnbūves rūpnīca
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About the contract with European Union funding project implementation

The following investments will be made within the co-financed project “Comprehensive solutions to improve energy efficiency of Rigas Elektromasinbuves Rupnica, AS (Riga Electric Machinery Factory), third round” as presented for the third round of the process of selection of project applications under European Union Structural Funds support program, for the specific support purpose 4.1.1 “To promote the efficient energy use, lowering of energy consumption, and the transition to renewable sources of energy in the manufacturing industry”:


No. Investment purpose Indicative price, EUR, without VAT
1 Vacuum pressure impregnation unit 430,000.00
2 Two curing ovens 90,000.00
3 Universal milling machine 60,000.00
4 Screw-cutting lathe 30,000.00
5 Screw-cutting lathe with 800 mm working diameter 40,000.00
6 CNC instrument vertical milling machine 160,000.00
7 Rotary table grinding machine 180,000.00
8 Equipment for assembly and installation of a testing station for asynchronous traction engines with 2000-2500V and up to 500 Kw  200,000.00
9 Line for production of printed circuit boards and electronic units 650,000.00
10 CNC laser station for cutting sheet material 350,000.00
11 Vertical machining center 160,000.00
12 Multifunctional machining center for processing end shields   450,000.00
13 Renovation of five industrial buildings 462,000.00
Total: 3,262,000.00 


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