Published: 2020-02-27 15:47:02 CET
Linas Agro Group
General meeting of shareholders

Decisions of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

The Extraordinary General Meeting (hereinafter – the Meeting) of AB „Linas Agro Group“ (hereinafter – the Company) was held on 27 February 2020.

The total number of the Company’s shares is 158,940,398, the number of shares granting voting rights is 158,169,426, and the own shares in amount of 770,972 acquired by the Company do not grant voting rights.
In total 36 Company’s shareholders, who owned shares of the Company at the end of the Accounting day of the Meeting (20 February 2020), participated in the Meeting having 141,486,979 share votes, which amounted to 89.45 percent of the total number of the Company’s share votes.

34 (thirty four) duly filled General Voting Ballots were presented to the Meeting. The quorum existed.

Decisions of the Meeting:

Amendment of the Rules for Shares Issue: 

1. To amend AB Linas Agro Group Rules for Shares Issue and approve its new wording (enclosed);
2. To authorize the Head of the Company to ensure proper implementation of the Rules for Shares Issue.

Results of voting:

FOR – 141,315,651 votes (including 141,312,451 share votes of shareholders who voted in advance).
AGAINST – 171,328 votes (including 171,328 share votes of shareholders who voted in advance).

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