Published: 2020-02-25 15:00:15 CET
Magnetic MRO
Company Announcement

Magnetic MRO increased its share capital and issued new shares


Magnetic MRO AS increased its share capital by 20,486.40 euros and issued 3,201 new shares for the issue price of 950,000 euros to Sapphire Investment Holding Limited in accordance with the investment agreement entered into with Sapphire Investment Holding Limited, a Hong Kong company, on 5 June 2019 and in accordance with the resolution of 10 February 2020 on increase of the share capital of Magnetic MRO AS.

Sapphire Investment Holding Limited subscribed for the shares to the maximum extent prescribed in the investment agreement. After the subscription for the new shares, the amount of the registered share capital of Magnetic MRO AS is 1,110,675.20 euros and the total number of shares is 173,543.


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