Published: 2020-01-31 12:34:11 CET
Admiral Markets
Changes board/management/auditors

Changes in the Management Board of Admiral Markets AS

The Supervisory Board of Admiral Markets AS intends to appoint Jens Chrzanowski as a new Management Board Member from 10.02.2020. Admiral Markets AS shall as of 10.02.2020 have four Management Board Members (instead of the current three): Sergei Bogatenkov, Dmitry Kuravkin, Dmitri Lauš and Jens Chrzanowski.

Change to the Management Board is a part of Admiral Markets AS’s long-term strategy and desire to contribute to the company’s continued growth in export markets. 

Jens Chrzanowski has been a member of the Management Board of Admiral Markets Group AS since 2017. He founded the Berlin Office of Admiral Markets in 2011 and under his leadership Admiral Markets has won the most significant awards and recognitions in the financial world in Germany in 2019. Prior to joining Admiral Markets, Jens Chrzanowski has worked at FXCM, a finance firm, as a senior sales associate, at  E * Trade as a sales manager and as a brokerage consultant at Deutsche Bank.

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