Published: 2020-01-29 13:04:19 CET
Acquisition or disposal of the issuer's own shares

Results of acquisition (purchasing) of own shares of AB “Linas”

On 3 January 2020 the purchase of AB “Linas” own shares through AB “Nasdaq Vilnius” Stock Exchange and on 24 January 2020 the purchase of own shares on a commission basis through AB “Šiaulių bankas” was completed. On 7 January 2020 and on 28 January 2020 during the purchase of own shares, AB “Linas” purchased total 192 656 shares. After own shares acquisition AB “Linas” holds 192 656 shares or 0,80 per cent of its own shares.

AB “Linas” chief of finance
Egidijus Mikeliūnas
+370 45 506100