Published: 2020-01-28 10:33:07 CET
Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius AB
Notification on material event

Regarding the investment plan in the electricity sector of 2019 alignment

AB Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius (hereinafter – the Company), code 304151376, registered office address Aguonų St. 24, Vilnius. The total number of the registered ordinary shares issued by AB Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius is 894 630 333; ISIN code – LT0000130023.

On 28 of January 2020 the National Energy Regulatory Council has approved the Company's 2019 investment projects in the electricity sector submitted for a commonly agreed list of investments, with a total value of up to EUR 91.3 million.

In 2019 most of the investments in the electricity sector were for the renovation and / or modernization of the 35-6 kV power grid and 0.4 kV power grid, communication and control systems, software. 

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