Published: 2020-01-21 15:32:16 CET
Company Announcement

A subsidiary of PRFoods AS obtained an approval to expand fish farming in Sweden.

A subsidiary of PRFoods AS, Överumans Fisk AB obtained an approval to establish an additional fish farm in the Västerbotten region of Sweden.

The permit is valid for fish farming and keeping fish over winter. The permit grants the right to use 2400 tonnes of fish feed to farm approx. 2200 tonnes of fish. The permit shall entry into force after the expiry of dispute time and shall be valid for 15 years.

“An important part of PRFoods strategy is to expand the volume of fish farming in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The permit in Sweden allows us to nearly triple the volume of farming in Sweden, and for this, our fish farming management team, led by Margus Rebane, has done outstanding work for many years. Fish from our own farms guarantees that our factories have high-quality and environmentally friendly raw material and we can provide fish products of excellent quality to consumers. The next step for the company is to establish a sustainable fish farming industry in Estonia, which would benefit both the existing fish farmers and the sectors supporting fish farming. PRFoods is also actively involved in the process of increasing fish farming capacity in Finland,” commented Indrek Kasela, CEO of PRFoods.

Indrek Kasela
AS PRFoods
Member of the Management Board
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