Published: 2020-01-20 12:00:00 CET
Tallink Grupp
Company Announcement

Managers’ Transaction

Person subject to the notification requirement
Name: OÜ Mersok
Position: Closely associated person
(X) Legal person

Person Discharging Managerial Responsibilities In Issuer
Name: Pant, Eve
Position: Member of the Supervisory Board

Issuer: AS Tallink Grupp

Notification type: Initial Notification

Transaction date: 17.01.2020
Venue: Nasdaq OMX Tallinn
Instrument type: Share
ISIN: EE3100004466
Nature of the transaction: Acquisition

Transaction details:
(1): Volume: 2,110 Unit price: 0.978 EUR
(2): Volume: 1,000,000 Unit price: 0.980 EUR
(3): Volume: 17,890 Unit price: 0.978 EUR

Aggregated transactions:
(3): Volume: 1,020,000; Volume weighted average price: 0.9800 EUR

Joonas Joost
Advisor to the Management Board
Head of Investor Relations

AS Tallink Grupp
Sadama 5
10111 Tallinn, Estonia