Published: 2020-01-15 08:15:00 CET
Notification on material event

Regarding Seizure of the Real Property of AB “Grigeo Klaipėda”

By the decision of the prosecutor of Klaipėda Regional Prosecutor's Office as of 10 January 2020 in pre-trial criminal investigation case No. 04-2-00154-19, on 13 January 2020 AB Grigeo Klaipėda has been subject to a temporary restriction on the ownership rights. 38 real property units, owned by AB Grigeo Klaipėda, located in Dumpiai Village and Nemuno str. 2, Klaipėda were seized, a restriction to use part of the seized property was additionally imposed.

On 14 January 2020 AB Grigeo Klaipėda filed an application to the Klaipėda Regional Prosecutor's Office requesting for a change of the terms of the imposed temporary restriction on real property rights and allow to use part of the seized property to the extent necessary to provide rainwater treatment and draining pressure line support.

We do not predict the impact on the company's production activities due to the temporary restriction of the ownership right imposed on AB Grigeo Klaipėda, the company continues its production activities in the usual mode.

Gintautas Pangonis
President of AB Grigeo
+370 5 243 5801