Published: 2019-12-30 13:15:00 CET
Klaipedos Nafta
Notification on material event

Decisions on AB Klaipėdos nafta LNG revenue level and regasification service price for the year 2020

AB Klaipėdos nafta (hereinafter – the Company) hereby informs that the National Energy Regulatory Council (hereinafter – the Council) on 30 December 2019 set the upper limits of revenue level allowed to earn by the Company from liquefied natural gas (hereinafter – LNG) regasification service amounting to 36 287 300 EUR for the year 2020 and adopted decisions on fixed component of LNG regasification service price, i.e. established the price of 194.31 EUR/MWh/day/year. New tariff will be applicable from 1 January 2020.

For more information about the resolution adopted by the Council, please visit the website

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