Published: 2019-12-18 18:20:21 CET
AUGA group
Notification on material event

AUGA group, AB Tranche 1 of green bonds will be introduced to trading on a regulated market as from 20 December 2019; the documents regarding establishment of collateral in favour of the bondholders have been signed

On 18 December 2019 the board of AB Nasdaq Vilnius has adopted the decision to introduce to trading on regulated market (AB Nasdaq Vilnius Bond list) all 20,000 units of green bonds of AUGA group, AB (the “Company”) with a nominal value of EUR 1,000 each, issued under the base prospectus, approved by the Bank of Lithuania on 25 November 2019 and under the Final Terms (the “Final Terms”) of Tranche 1 of bonds (respective decisions of the Board of the Company were adopted on 22 and 25 November 2019 as well as on 5 December 2019, the “Bonds”).

In addition to that on 18 December 2019 the Company has signed all the needed documentation with the Bond trustee UAB “Audifina” establishing a security package (land mortgage) in favour of the Bondholders, as indicated in the Final Terms.

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General Manager:
Kęstutis Juščius
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