Published: 2019-12-05 14:17:10 CET
New Hanza Capital
Total number of voting rights and capital

New Hanza Capital Increases Fixed Capital and Strengthens Corporate Governance Model

Riga, Latvia, 2019-12-05 14:17 CET -- This week New Hanza Capital, AS (the Company) increased its fixed capital by EUR 90 million, which on Thursday, 5 December, is registered in the commercial register. The fixed capital is increased by EUR 90 317 119 (ninety million three hundred seventeen thousand one hundred nineteen euros) by issuing new registered ordinary voting shares with EUR 1 face value of one share.

The shares of the new issue are paid up by material investment in the fixed capital of New Hanza Capital, AS, namely capital shares owned by the shareholder of the Company – ABLV Bank, AS in liquidation – in the following limited liability companies: Pillar 23, Pillar Management, Pillar, Pillar Development, Hanzas Dārzs, New Hanza Centre, as well as investment in the limited partnership Pillar Holding Company owned by ABLV Bank, AS in liquidation as a limited partner.

After the fixed capital increase, the total fixed capital of the Company amounts to EUR 115 317 119 (one hundred fifteen million three hundred seventeen thousand one hundred nineteen euros).

“There was a massive work done in order to make this decision, which consolidates the real estate business lines of the bank in liquidation. Any decision in the course of liquidation of the bank is made in order to simply and optimise the investment structure of the former bank, thus contributing to its management efficiency. This has been another important decision, which will make the management of the liquidation process simpler and decision-making more transparent”, – says Andris Kovaļčuks, the liquidator of ABLV Bank in liquidation.

As reported earlier, at New Hanza Capital general meeting of shareholders that took place this week there was also a model of the Company’s corporate governance improved, deciding that further on there will be 5 members of the Council and 5 members of the Board in the Company. In addition to current members of the Council Ernests Bernis, Edgars Pavlovičs and Māris Kannenieks, for the following five years there will be also Ivans Marjasovs and Kaspars Bajārs working in the Council. The new members of the Council do not own shares of New Hanza Capital.

About the new members of the Council:

From 2012 till 2016 Ivans Marjasovs was a Head of Department of Corporate Rights and Financial Market Lawyers at ABLV Bank, AS, since 2016 – Head of Legal Division of ABLV Bank, AS, and since May 2018 – Legal Director of ABLV Bank, AS in liquidation.

From 2011 till 2018 Kaspars Bajārs was working in ABLV Bank, AS in position of Senior Lawyer, and since 2018 he is a Member of the Council and Head of Legal and Compliance Department at ASG Resolution Capital, AS.

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