Published: 2019-12-03 14:53:35 CET
New Hanza Capital
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Decisions Made at New Hanza Capital, AS Shareholders’ Meeting

On 3 December 2019 an extraordinary meeting of shareholders of New Hanza Capital, AS (the Company) took place. There were decisions made about distribution of profit of 2018, amendments to the Articles of Association and the changes in the Council and the Board.

At the shareholders’ meeting there was a decision made to distribute in dividends EUR 4.5 million of the Company’s profit gained in 2018, while the remaining part of the 2018 profits not distributed in dividends – EUR 479 thousand – to retain as the Company’s undistributed profit.

Also at the shareholders’ meeting there were amendments made to the Articles of Association, based on which the Council of New Hanza Capital, AS was increased from three to five Council members. For a five-year term there were Ernests Bernis, Edgars Pavlovičs, Māris Kannenieks, Ivans Marjasovs and Kaspars Bajārs elected in the Council of the Company. Also it was decided to extend the number of members of the Board to 5 members, and the decision about appointing members of the Board will be made by the new Council.

New Hanza Capital, AS is a company founded in 2006 that is investing its funds in commercial properties. The objectives of its operation includes investing own and third party funds in commercial real estate objects to achieve sustainable increase in rental income and promote long-term property value and capital growth. The company’s commercial real estate portfolio includes office buildings at VEF neighbourhood, airBaltic central office at Riga International Airport, office building at 23 Elizabetes St., logistics centres in Riga and Ķekava Region and other objects. The total leasable area of the premises exceeds 77 thousand square metres.



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