Published: 2019-11-29 15:00:00 CET
General meeting of shareholders

Decision taken in the Extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of LITGRID AB

The following decision was adopted in the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of LITGRID AB (company code 302564383, registered office at A. Juozapavičiaus g. 13, Vilnius) on 29 November 2019:

Regarding conclusion of UAB TETAS 100 percent sale and purchase agreement

To approve the decision No 1 of the board of LITGRID AB dated 7 November 2019 (Protocol No 21) to conclude UAB TETAS 100 percent sales and purchase agreement with UAB EPSO-G with the following essential conditions:

Parties of the Agreement Seller – LITGRID AB (legal entity code 302564383, address A. Juozapavičiaus st. 13, Vilnius).


Buyer - UAB EPSO-G (legal entity code 302826889, address A. Juozapavičiaus st. 13, Vilnius).
Subject of the Agreement Sale and purchase of 400 000 units, 1 Eur nominal value shares of UAB TETAS (100 percent of shares) (legal entity code 300513148, address: Senamiesčio st. 102B, Panevėžys)
Price of the Agreement (excluding VAT) Price set by independent valuer of assets – 3 150 000 Eur (three million one hundred and fifty thousand euro).
Arrangement concerning payments and transfer of ownership Payments shall be made in 30 workdays from concluding the agreement. It shall be held that the ownership of the shares has been transferred (i.e. necessary entries in the stock records have been made) immediately after the payment.
Other conditions It shall be held that loan subordination agreement concluded on 07-03-2019 between LITGRID AB, UAB EPSO-G and UAB TETAS will expire after concluding this agreement

The individual authorized by LITGRID AB to provide additional information:
Jurga Eivaitė
Head of Communications Division
tel. +370 613 19977, e-mail:


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