Published: 2019-11-27 15:00:00 CET
Latvijas Gāze
Financial Statement Release

Unaudited Financial Results of JSC Latvijas Gāze Group for the third quarter of 2019

“Latvijas Gāze” Group consists of two business segments:

  • The natural gas sales & trading segment, operated by JSC “Latvijas Gāze”
  • The natural gas distribution segment, operated by JSC “Gaso”

Due to significantly higher gas demand in the power generation segment in the summer months and strong deliveries into the Estonian natural gas market at the beginning of the year the JSC “Latvijas Gāze” Group during the nine months period of 2019 in total sold 1 181 million m3 (12 451 GWh) of natural gas to more than 400 thousand customers, that is a 23% increase when comparing to the same period last year. The Group’s net turnover for the three quarters of 2019 amounted to 258.5 million EUR and operating activities resulted in EBITDA* of 14.4 million EUR and a net profit of 2.8 million EUR.

Overall, Latvijas Gāze Group remains fully committed to achieving the best possible financial performance and creating sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Latvijas Gāze Group will publish its unaudited consolidated condensed financial statements for 2019 on February 26, 2020.

*More detailed information on the alternative performance measures can be found on page 10 of the financial statements.

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