Published: 2019-09-11 09:31:21 CEST
Notification on material event


The Board of AB SNAIGĖ has appointed Mindaugas Sologubas, CFO of the company, as the new general manager of the company. M. Sologubas will take up his new position from 21st of September.

Such a decision was made after the current CEO Gediminas Čeika decided to take on new challenges, and his departure was approved by the Board.

G. Čeika has been General Manager of AB Snaigė almost 12 years. Under his leadership, the company successfully overcame the 2008 crisis, the partial loss of one of the most profitable Ukrainian market, the rise in raw material prices, other challenges of the refrigeration industry by keeping the company competitive and attractive to consumers and customers. AB SNAIGĖ has repeatedly been acknowledged as the most innovative company of Lithuania, the largest exporter and the winner of the gold medal of the Lithuanian Product of the Year. Gediminas Čeika himself was nominated as one of the best CEO in Lithuania.

Mindaugas Sologubas has been the Chief Financial Officer of AB SNAIGĖ since 2014. Prior to that he was head of the Ukrainian company Ligris.

Managing Director
Gediminas Čeika
+370 315 56206