Published: 2019-09-10 09:51:46 CEST
Nasdaq Tallinn
Announcement from the exchange

About Listing of AS LHV Group pre-emptive rights for shares

Tallinn, Estonia, 2019-09-10 09:51 CEST --  

The Management Board of the Nasdaq Tallinn decided on September 10, 2019, to list the pre-emptive rights for shares of AS LHV Group on the Baltic Main List. 
The first trading day of the pre-emptive rights of AS LHV Group is September 11, 2019 or on a date close to it in case of unexpected circumstances.
The last trading day of the pre-emptive rights is September 23, 2019.

Information related to AS LHV Group pre-emptive rights for shares in the trading system:

Issuer's full name - AS LHV Group
Issuer´s short name - LHV
Instrument and orderbook short name - LHVRT
Orderbook ID - 180327
List - Main List
Number od listed rights - 2,188,372

ISIN - EE3700080726
ICB classification: 8300 Banks



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