Published: 2019-09-03 07:30:00 CEST
Tallinna Vesi
Company Announcement

Tallinna Vesi submitted its tariff application to the Competition Authority

Yesterday, on 2 September, AS Tallinna Vesi submitted its application for the approval of the new water tariffs to the Competition Authority. According to the Public Water Supply and Sewerage Act the Competition Authority has 30 days to review the application which the authority may extend to up to 90 days.

The tariffs relating to the current situation that are calculated in the company’s tariff application submitted yesterday are in Tallinn and Saue approximately 20% lower than the currently applicable water tariffs, which have remained unchanged since 2010. The company also submitted a tariff application with respect to Harku activity area and to approve the bulk service prices for the surrounding municipalities.

In submitting the tariff application to the Competition Authority, the company has taken into account the current situation and the 12 December 2017 Supreme Court decision. The Court concluded that the Competition Authority is not bound by the tariff agreement contained in the Services Agreement, which had been signed between the water undertaking and the City of Tallinn upon privatisation, and AS Tallinna Vesi has to comply with the Competition Authority’s precept to submit a new tariff application.

Eliis Randver
Head of Customer Relations and Communication
Tallinna Vesi
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