Published: 2019-08-30 11:55:11 CEST
VEF Radiotehnika RRR
Half Year financial report

JSC "VEF Radiotehnika RRR" Unaudited Interim Report for the six months of 2019

The main activities of AS “VEF Radiotehnika RRR” in 2019 were:                                                                                               

1.   Real estate renting services;                                    

2.    Manufacturing of  acoustic systems; purchase and sale of their enclosures.                                                          

When compared with the previous reporting period, no new main activities have been included.

 In the future ,it is planned to restore acoustic systems development, organization of production and sales.


Operations of the Company during the reporting year


Reporting year results of the Company are the following:                                                                                                                             

      Result before extraordinary items and taxes:                           28 405  EUR                           

                Net result:                                                                       28 405  EUR     

The Company's current  assets exceeded its short-term liabilities by 88 437 EUR.      

VEFRadiotehnikaRRR30062019RFB eng.pdf