Published: 2019-07-31 08:40:40 CEST
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HansaMatrix has increased the paid-up capital of SIA Zinatnes parks

Riga, 2019-07-31 08:40 CEST --

In order to strengthen the paid-up capital of SIA Zinatnes parks (hereinafter - the Company), HansaMatrix has increased its capital participation in the Company to 74.67% by paying up according to April, 2019 decision of SIA Zinātnes parks shareholders newly issued 200 (two hundred) capital shares of the Company in amount of 800 thousand EUR, including 8 thousand EUR value of share capital and 792 thousand EUR share premium.

Following the transaction, SIA Zinātnes parks since April 29, 2019 qualifies as HansaMatrix related company, with the following shareholder structure: 74.67% HansaMatrix, 9.33% Latvijas Elektrotehnikas un elektronikas rūpniecības asociācija, 8% SAF Tehnika and 8% LEO Pētījumu centrs.

SIA Zinātnes parks is a HansaMatrix group company managing the real estate project, high-tech park, located in the Riga International Airport territory, “RIX High Tech City” development. It is planned to create rental premises in the high technology park for the needs of high-tech companies, thus enabling companies to operate in a technological environment and to promote mutual cooperation. “RIX High Tech City” project aims to promote the development of high-tech products for electronics and optical companies and the development of industrial park infrastructure within the Riga International Airport.

Māris Macijevskis, CFA

Management Board Member, Finance director
Phone: (+371) 6780 0002


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