Published: 2019-07-29 15:15:00 CEST
INVL Baltic Farmland
Total number of voting rights and capital

Regarding the number of votes granted by the shares of INVL Baltic Farmland, AB from 21th July 2019

INVL Baltic Farmland, AB acquires 63,039 units of own shares at the time of the publication of this notice.

According to the wording of the Law on Securities of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - the Law), effective from 21th July 2019, the shares owned by the issuer are not considered to be deducted from the total number of shares granted with voting right of the issuer and are not counted into the quorum of the General Shareholders Meeting of the issuer.

Announcement of shares issued by INVL Baltic Farmland, AB:

Type of shares Ordinary registered shares
ISIN code LT0000128753
LEI code 5299000AUE9M1W13ZQ36
Name INL1L
Exchange AB Nasdaq Vilnius, XLIT
List Secondary list
Authorised capital (EUR) 954,549.21
Nominal value of 1 share (EUR) 0.29
Shares issued, units 3,291,549
Total voting rights granted by the issued shares, units 3,291,549
Number of votes for the quorum of the General Shareholders Meeting, units 3,228,510

The person authorized to provide additional information:
         Director Egle Surpliene