Published: 2019-07-22 08:00:00 CEST
Nasdaq Vilnius
Announcement from the exchange

Nasdaq Baltic investor calendar - week 30/2019

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2019-07-22 08:00 CEST --  

Date Event Shortname Issuer Market
Subscription period FRGTE Frigate RIG
Subscription period BLT1T Baltika TLN
22.07.2019 Government securities auction LTGCB01022C, LTGNB01022C Lietuvos Respublikos Vyriausyb─Ś VLN
23.07.2019 Extraordinary General Meeting AMG1L Amber Grid VLN
23.07.2019 Interim report, 6 months INL1L INVL Baltic Farmland VLN
24.07.2019 Coupon payment date OPMB070025A Medicinos bankas VLN
25.07.2019 Coupon payment date EXPC150020A ExpressCredit RIG
25.07.2019 Coupon payment date EXPC140021FA ExpressCredit RIG
26.07.2019 Interim report, 6 months TVEAT Tallinna Vesi TLN
26.07.2019 Extraordinary General Meeting LNR1L Lietuvos energijos gamyba VLN
26.07.2019 Investors event TVEAT Tallinna Vesi TLN


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Nasdaq Baltic is a common name for exchanges, regulated markets, alternative markets First North operated by Nasdaq companies in the Baltic states, i.e. Nasdaq Tallinn AS, Nasdaq Riga AS and AB Nasdaq Vilnius.