Published: 2019-06-19 16:00:00 CEST
Tallinna Vesi
Company Announcement

Tallinn Circuit Court made a decision in the dispute concerning AS Tallinna Vesi´s damages claim

Today, Tallinn Circuit Court made a decision in the dispute between AS Tallinna Vesi and the Competition Authority in administrative case 3-14-363. Tallinn Circuit Court decided to dismiss AS Tallinna Vesi´s appeal.

The administrative case concerns AS Tallinna Vesi’s complaint against the Competition Authority regarding the compensation for loss of tariff income as well as the complaints challenging the refusal to review AS Tallinna Vesi’s applications for the approval of water tariffs for 2013-2017. Tallinn Administrative Court had dismissed the Company’s claims with its decision dated 19/11/2018. AS Tallinna Vesi appealed the Administrative Court’s decision on 19/12/2018. Tallinn Circuit Court dismissed the appeal.

The company has the right to appeal to the Supreme Court within 30 days.

The administrative case 3-14-363 is separate from the on-going international arbitration proceedings where AS Tallinna Vesi and United Utilities (Tallinn) B.V. have submitted a damages claim against the Republic of Estonia based on the Agreement on Encouragement and Reciprocal Protection of Investments between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Republic of Estonia. AS Tallinna Vesi is still waiting for the decision in the arbitration proceedings regarding the possible damages claim.

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