Published: 2019-06-16 18:00:00 CEST
Company Announcement

PRF: Unaudited preliminary consolidated turnover of AS PRFoods in May 2019

PRFoods’ unaudited preliminary consolidated turnover amounted to EUR 6.68 million euros in May 2019. The turnover decreased by 1.48 million euros i.e. 17.8% compared to May 2018.

The turnover of the Group’s pre-merger companies decreased by 0.38 million euros, of the Group’s UK companies by 0.26 million euros and of Trio Trading Ab Oy by 0.84 million euros.

The decrease in turnover stems from two product groups: raw fish and fillets’ product group and smoked fish product group, turnover of which decreased by 1.36 and 0.35 million euros, respectively. The sales of other fish products increased by 0.22 million euros.

The share of smoked fish products in total turnover increased by 3.5 percentage points and the share of other fish products by 5.4 percentage points compared to May 2018. The share of raw fish and fillets’ product group decreased by 8.9 percentage points over the year.

Turnover by product groups, mln EUR05 2019Share, %05 2018Share, %
Raw fish and fillets2.8441.24%4.1950.12%
Smoked products2.9642.98%3.3039.48%
Other fish products 1.0815.64%0.8610.27%
Other revenue0.010.14%0.010.13%
Total 6.88100.00%8.36100.00%

Compared to May 2018 the share of retail client group and HoReCa increased by 3.1 and 5.0 percentage points, respectively, whereas the share of wholesale client group declined by 8.1 percentage points.

Turnover by client groups, mln EUR05 2019Share, %05 2018Share, %
Retail chains2.7339.76%3.0736.69%
HoReCa 1.8326.66%1.8121.66%
Other revenue0.081.23%0.101.17%

The three largest markets with an aggregated turnover of 6.29 million euros accounted for 91.4% of total sales in May 2019.

Turnover by countries, mln EUR05 2019Share, %05 2018Share, %
Great Britain0.9814.23%1.1713.94%
Other countries0.598.58%0.8610.27%

Latvia (turnover 2019 May: 0.19 million euros), France (0.07 million euros), Greece (0.07 million euros) and Belgium (0.08 million euros) had the largest turnovers among other countries.

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AS PRFoods
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