Published: 2019-06-12 19:05:00 CEST
Arion Bank hf.
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Arion Bank completes commercial papers offering

Today Arion Bank completed an offering of 6- and 5-month commercial papers. In total, 23 bids were received for the total amount of ISK 4,280 million and offers worth ISK 1,060 million were accepted.

The 5-month series attracted 6 bids totaling ISK 720 million at a flat rate of 4.40% - 4.55%. Bids amounting to ISK 340 million at 4.45% flat rates were accepted.

The 6-month series attracted 16 bids totaling ISK 3,560 million in total at a flat rate of 4.45% - 4.62% Bids amounting to ISK 720 million at 4.50% flat rates were accepted.

The commercial papers are scheduled to be admitted to trading on Nasdaq Iceland 20 June 2019.

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