Published: 2019-05-31 17:05:14 CEST
EfTEN Real Estate Fund III
Company Announcement

Announcement on the first results of EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS public share offering


EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS(registry code 128640036, address A. Lauteri 5, 10114 Tallinn) announced on May 14, 2019 a public offering of shares of EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS.   

The subscription period for EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS shares started on May 16, 2019 at 9:00 and ended on May 31, 2019 at 16:00. 

In total, 3 065 358 shares were subscribed in total amount of 49 045 728 euros during the subscription period. In total 2 094 different subscription order where received. According to preliminary results, the pre-emptive subscription rights of existing shareholders were used to subscribe 818 thousand shares.                                                                      

1 000 000 new shares, which were offered publicly to all natural and legal persons in Estonia, were oversubscribed by 3,1 times.

The distribution of shares will be approved on or about 5. June 2019.

Viljar Arakas
Member of the management board
Phone 655 9515