Published: 2019-05-31 08:55:00 CEST
Amber Grid
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Regarding Register of Guarantees of Origin of Green Gas

In promoting green gas production in Lithuania, the natural gas transmission system operator Amber Grid from the 1st of June will start providing businesses with guarantees of origin for gas produced from renewable energy sources. This is provided for in the Order of the Minister of Energy that was signed in May this year.

The Register of Guarantees of Origin allows registration and monitoring of the origin of green gas produced and used in Lithuania. The system is useful for companies seeking to use green energy in their activity produced in Lithuania or other European Union country. Guarantees of origin issued by other European Union countries will be also recognized in Lithuania.

Green gas is produced from biomass or other renewable energy sources. The guarantee of origin will be granted to one unit of energy - one megawatt-hour (MWh) supplied to the natural gas transmission network. Records on the granting, transfer and cancellation of guarantees of origin are made in the Register of Guarantees of Origin. No more than one guarantee of origin will be granted for each unit of energy produced from renewable energy sources. The register is also required for the supervision and control of the use, import and export of guarantees of origin.

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