Published: 2019-05-23 10:00:00 CEST
Rīgas elektromašīnbūves rūpnīca
Notice to general meeting

Joint-stock company «Rīgas elektromašīnbūves rūpnīca» notice on regular shareholders` meeting on 21.06.2019

The Management Board of Joint-stock company «Rīgas elektromašīnbūves rūpnīca» (registry code 40003042006, address: Riga, 53 Ganibu dambis, LV-1005), convenes an annual general meeting of shareholders on  June, 21th of 2019. 14:00. Riga, 53 Ganibu dambis, in a conference room of the main production building.

The agenda:

1. The message of the board about company’s results for 2018.

2. The message of the sworn auditor.

3. Review and approval of the annual reports  for 2018.

4. Election of the sworn auditor for 2019 and approval of it’s remuniration.


Registration of shareholders will take place on meeting day from 13:00 till 13:45 at the meeting venue. Shareholders may participate in the meeting in person or by mediation of their legal representatives.

The record date for participation at the meeting is June 13th, 2019. Only those persons, who are shareholders on the record date with the amount of the shares they own on the record date, have rights to participate at the meeting.


Shareholders, whose shares are registered at Original register or Shareholders` register, shall present a passport or other personal identity document by registration. Authorized persons of shareholders shall present personal identity document by registration and submit written power of attorney of the represented shareholder, issued in compliance with laws and regulations, but legal representatives shall present a document certifying the authorization. Form of the power of attorney in attachment.

Shareholders may familiarize themselves with draft resolutions of issues to be addressed at the shareholders` meeting as from June 6, 2019: 

  • on the home page of the JSC “Rīgas elektromašīnbūves rūpnīca”;
  • on the home page of the stock exchange “Nasdaq Riga”;
  • on website of the central storage of regulated information;  
  • at administrative building of the JSC “Rīgas elektromašīnbūves rūpnīca” on business days from 10:00 till 15:00;
  • on the day of shareholders` meeting – at the place of registration.

 The Management Board of the JSC “Rīgas elektromašīnbūves rūpnīca”

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