Published: 2019-05-17 10:00:00 CEST
Telia Lietuva, AB
Notification on material event

Telia Lietuva head office has settled in Saltoniškių str. 7A

In the Register of Legal Entities, the address of Telia Lietuva head office was changed to Saltoniškių str. 7A, LT-03501 Vilnius, Lithuania.

1,200 employees of Telia Lietuva have already moved from different offices to a new Telia Lietuva head office in Saltoniškių street. The company invested EUR 5 million into improvement of employee’s well-being, and the team which worked on moving and settling in the new office have devoted more than 10,000 hours.

“Telia Lietuva new head office opens new opportunities to its employees and to the company itself. People here can work freely, they can cooperate and pursue goals jointly in developing top quality telecommunications services and giving the best experience to their customers. Features of the building and technologies used in the building are of no less importance: everything is aimed at minimising environmental impact,” said Dan Strömberg, CEO of Telia Lietuva.

The new office of Telia Lietuva uses 40 per cent less energy, 55 per cent less water and emits 46 per cent less CO2 compared to typical office buildings. Besides, at least 10 per cent of the required energy is generated by solar panels installed on the roof. In addition, rainwater is collected into special tanks and used in the sanitary units of the building.

The building corresponds to the strategic vision of Telia Company Group which focuses on achieving zero CO2 emission in the entire operational chain by the year 2030, on sorting or recycling all waste and engaging 100 per cent employees in these activities

The total area of the building having BREEAM Excellence certificate is 15,000 square metres, whereof 13,000 square metres are taken by office premises. Every floor is divided into several different areas suitable for different types of tasks. People are free to choose the type of their work and the space which meets their personal needs.

Telia Lietuva new head office has smart lighting, heating and ventilation systems which automatically adapt to the outdoor temperature and thus save energy. There are no litter bins near employees’ desks, no plastic or paper cups are used in the office, waste is sorted, only necessary documents are printed out.

There are 420 parking spaces in the undergrounding parking lot; 40 of them are exclusively designated for electric cars. There are also charging stations for all types of electric vehicles. The parking lot and the territory of the building also have 200 spaces for bicycles, motor-scooters, motorcycles; there are showers installed.

Apart from the main office in Saltoniškių street, there are two more Telia Lietuva offices in Vilnius: one in Architektų street where engineers of the company work, and one in Žirmūnų street which is occupied by the specialists who maintain data centres.

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Head of Investor Relations,
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