Published: 2019-05-09 09:31:51 CEST
Notification on material event

Changes at the Board and new CEO of MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB

On 8 May 2019 the supervisory board of MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB (the Company) decided to change the composition of the Board of the Company by revoking Justas Riauba, Mantas Kuncaitis and Tomas Kibildis and appointing Edvinas Volkas, Marko Poder and Jolanta Bivainytė as new members of the Board until the end of the current term of office of the Board members.

The newly comprised Board of the Company has decided to revoke Justas Riauba from the position of CEO and to appoint Jolanta Bivainytė as CEO of the Company as of 9 May 2019. The Board has also elected Meri Navickė as new chairperson of the Board.

The renewed Board of the Company is comprised of the following members: Meri Navickė, the chairwoman of the Board of Vilniaus Prekyba, Jolanta Bivainytė, CEO of the Company and the heads of five MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB subsidiaries owning retail chains in different countries: Kristina Meidė, CEO of Maxima LT, Andris Vilcmeiers, CEO of Maxima Latvija, Marko Põder, CEO of Maxima Eesti, Arūnas Zimnickas, CEO of Stokrotka retail chain in Poland, and Edvinas Volkas, CEO of Maxima Bulgaria.

Contact person: Ugnė Bartašiūtė, Head of Corporate Affairs at MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB, +370 614 74046,