Published: 2019-04-19 16:04:21 CEST
AUGA group
Notification on material event

AUGA group, AB proposed changes to the general manager, management structure and board members

AUGA group, AB (code 126264360, address Konstitucijos ave. 21C, Vilnius, Company) board proposed to the ordinary general meeting of shareholders, which will take place on 30 April 2019, to change the management structure of the Company, i.e. to eliminate the supervisory council and retain only one collegiate body – management board, which shall also be vested with the supervisory functions provided by law. Such changes to management structure have been proposed by the board taking into account the findings of the corporate governance review that the Company conducted last year; one of recommendations of the advisors was to simplify and make the management structure more effective.

Given that the law requires that at least 1/3 of members of the body vested with supervisory functions are independent, on 19 April 2019 the board of the Company proposed to the general meeting 3 independent candidates, i.e. Murray Steele, Tomas Kucinskas, and Dalius Misiunas. Remaining proposed candidates – Tomas Krakauskas and Linas Strelis. Detailed information about all the proposed candidates is provided by the Company together with its 19 April 2019 notice on the update of questions of the agenda of the ordinary general meeting of shareholders.

Also, today the general manager of the Company Linas Bulzgys has filed a resignation notice with effect as of 29 April 2019. Therefore, the board decided to appoint Kestutis Juscius as new head of the Company, who will take the office of the general manager of the Company as of 30 April 2019. Kestutis Juscius was not proposed as a candidate to the members of the new tenure board because the law does not permit the general manager to simultaneously serve as a board member.

General Manager
Linas Bulzgys
+370 5 233 5340