Published: 2019-04-10 16:30:00 CEST
Zemaitijos Pienas
General meeting of shareholders

Regarding decisions taken by ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of AB “Žemaitijos pienas”

The general Meeting of Shareholders held on 10 April 2019 heard the presented Annual Report, as well as took decision of the agenda issues.  

We hereby provide the decisions taken by the General Meeting of Shareholders of  AB “Žemaitijos pienas”, as well as  audited package of annual financial statements and Annual Report, Independent Auditor`s Report, Approval of Responsible Persons, Social Liability and Company Management Reports, as well as the Report on Following to the Corporate Governance Code. Documents attached.

Gintaras Keliauskas
+ 370 444 22208,


ZP-Reporting-Social Responsibility 2018 EN.pdf
General Meeting of Shareholders Decisions20190410 En..pdf
ŽP Annual report codex II-II 2018 EN..pdf
18-ZP-Reporting-Management Reoport EN20190410.pdf
ŽP annual report confirm. persons, auditors report.,finans stat.I-II 2018 EN..pdf