Published: 2019-04-04 15:24:14 CEST
Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca
Notice to general meeting

JSC "Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca" Draft resolution of the regular meeting of shareholders on 23.04.2019.

1. Reports of the Board and of the Council.

-To accept for information reports of the Board and the Council of the JSC „Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca”.

2. Approval of the 2018 annual account.

- To approve annual report for 2018 of the JSC “Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca”.

3. Election of auditor and determination of the remuneration for auditor.

-To elect certified auditor SIA “Nexia Audit Advice” (licence Nr.134) to officiate as auditor of the JSC “Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca” in 2019.

- Determine the JSC “Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca” auditor remuneration for the auditor's duties during 2019 as amounting to EUR 4235,-.

4. Election of the Council and determination of the remuneration for the Council.

- Recall from the position the existing members of JSC “Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca” Council: Igors Istomins, Ilga Kučinska, Svetlana Stepanova, Svetlana Tolkačova un Valentīna Černovska.

- To elect the Council of JSC “ Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca”  consisting of the following members for the further term of five years: ________________.

- Determine JSC “ Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca”  Council members the monthly remuneration for the duties of their post amounting to EUR ______.

5. Regarding the election of the Audit Committee or entrusting the Council with the functions of the Audit Committee.

- Determine that JSC “ Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca” Audit Committee functions will perform JSC “ Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca” Council.

-Audit Committee functions entrusted to JSC “ Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca” of the newly elected Council.


Chairman of the Board
Vladimirs Cadovičs