Published: 2019-03-22 08:30:00 CET
INVL Baltic Farmland
Notification on material event

Regarding approval of dividend allocation of INVL Baltic Farmland for the year 2018

The Annual General Shareholders Meeting of the public joint stock company INVL Baltic Farmland (hereinafter may be reffered as to the Company) held on 22th March 2019 approved to allocate a dividend of EUR 0.10 per share for the year 2018 (the total amount allocated for dividends is EUR 323 thousand).

The Company notes that dividends will be paid out and dividend payment procedure for 2018 published within one month of the General Shareholders Meeting that approved the decision to allocate the dividends. Persons, who will be shareholders of INVL Baltic Farmland at the end of 5th April 2019, the tenth day after the general shareholders meeting to approve the resolution to allocate part of company‚Äôs profit for the payment of dividends, are entitled to receive dividends.

The ex-date is 4th April 2018. From that date the new owner of the shares of INVL Baltic Farmland, ISIN code LT0000128753, which were acquired on stock exchange with settlement cycle of T+2, is not entitled to dividends for the year 2018.

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 Egle Surpliene