Published: 2019-01-07 10:26:50 CET
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Apranga Group’s new office: a modern logistics centre built with attention to employees

Apranga Group’s new office: a modern logistics centre built with attention to employees

The leader in Baltic retail clothing market Apranga Group has taken up quarters to modern premises built for the specific needs of the company at Vilnius Business Park, on Ukmergės Street in Vilnius. Nearly 200 employees have moved to the administrative building and logistics complex.

“Over the past few decades, we have been rapidly expanding our sales network in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia; the needs of the company’s employees and the business environment have changed, and significant changes have taken place in the field of technology, which encompasses our daily activities. Our intention was to offer our growing team the best working conditions while also creating a more efficient logistics system, so we have matured to a new, modern office and logistics centre that meets the highest standards,” says Apranga Group General Manager Rimantas Perveneckas.

Premises designed according to specific requirements

The administrative building and logistics warehouse complex was developed by Darnu Group, one of the largest real estate management and development companies in Lithuania. According to Darnu Group CEO Sigita Survilaitė-Mekionienė, the company’s extensive experience allowed it to offer premises that meet specific business needs.

“The entire park is being developed according to the build-to-suit model that is quite popular abroad, where we design, finance and build premises that meet specific business requirements, based on the needs of the customer. This kind of business model allows our customers to have premises tailor-made and equipped for them without investing their capital or time in their construction. The business park is for those who do not have enough space in the standard office in the centre of the city or who need premises with specific technical features, as well as for those who want to work in a separate building with a stylish and modernly landscaped outdoor space,” says Ms Survilaitė-Mekionienė.

The main criterion – employees

Apranga Group moved to the new complex after the of selling its administrative and warehouse buildings in Kirtimai, which have been in operation since 1970. The company’s new headquarters stand out both for their architecture, and high technical standards as well as energy efficiency.

“In designing the new complex, we paid considerable attention to the analysis of international experience; we also looked into innovations and the latest technological solutions, which will not only facilitate the daily work processes for our employees and contribute to their well-being at work, but will also ensure optimum speed and movement of goods in all three Baltic States,” says Mr Perveneckas.

The 3,200 sq. m. administrative building was equipped with careful thought about the well-being of employees: the administrative building features ergonomic workstations with height adjustable desks, and was designed with the intention of creating comfortable spaces with informal social areas and phone booths. There were also very high requirements for natural lighting.

For the convenience of staff, there is a modern gym and a café, as well as a self-catering area. The administrative building is focused on a cosy outdoor space that is meant for employee relaxation, and the first floor of the building is as transparent as possible, connecting to the greenery of the environment.

Five-kilometre garment line

For the building to meet the needs of the people working there, control of the main systems – heating, ventilation, conditioning, lighting and watering – is fully computerised. For heating the complex, there is a geothermal power plant that meets the highest ecological requirements and which will work in cooling mode during the summer. Another effective technological solution is the window blinds, which are adjusted according to a schedule and react to the strength of the wind.

The largest part of the building complex – nearly 17,000 sq. m. – is occupied by a logistics centre and warehouse complex that was built based on international experience. The logistics centre is equipped with a modern garment racking system that is more than five kilometres long and works automatically between two floors. The company is currently working on a warehouse management system project which will allow automated equipment to handle up to 5,000 garments per hour and simultaneously sort for more than 90 stores. The logistics centre also has approximately 20,000 storage places on shelves. In order to ensure maximum comfort for workers, the logistics centre is designed to capture natural daylight. Taking the changing business needs into account, Apranga Group also provided for the installation of a photo studio which can accommodate several teams at once.

A concept was dictated by field of activity

Algirdas Kaušpėdas, an architect from JP Architektūra, the studio that designed the buildings, points out that the concept for the complex was dictated by the company’s activities – fashion trade.

“Mainly fashion associates with dynamics and seasonality. In fashion, like in nature, there is no one dominant colour – it is range of colours from black to white which bring together all of the diversity of fashion content. This idea inspired the architecture of buildings – the composition of two contrasting structures: the black, monumental, one-storey logistics structure ‘planted’ on the ground, and the ‘soaring’ white three-story administration building,” explains Mr Kaušpėdas.

According to one of the project designers, this building was deliberately built on the plot as if it were greeting guests coming to Vilnius. In this way, it becomes an accent representing the entire complex and the main axis of the architectural composition.

According to Mr Kaušpėdas, significant attention was paid not only to the buildings, but also to the landscape, which merges harmoniously with the interior and exterior of the complex. Because the building is surrounded by nature, landscaping specialists recommended using native plants, of which there are more than 2,200. Rainwater collected on the roof of the building is used for watering.

Vilnius Business Park covers a total area of 8.5 hectares, of which 3.6 hectares are used to accommodate the new Apranga Group administrative and logistics centre.

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